Our services:

  • Translation of most types of documents from English into Spanish (and vice versa)
  • Specialized in Latin-American legal terminology and fluent in several other fields
  • Live interpretation services within the Prince George, BC area

What we offer:

  • ACCURACY - conveyance of true meaning of source texts
  • KNOWLEDGE - extensive vocabularies and terminologies
  • EXPERTISE - accumulated throughout our work history
  • STANDARDS - adherence to professional, ethical and privacy guidelines
  • SERVICE - customized for specific projects and deadlines


A. Fees

  1. Standard rate: $0.25 per word
  2. Minimum charge: $50.00, if word count equals or is less than 200 words. Otherwise, the standard rate applies
  3. ICBC Form MV 2943 (Driver's Licence/Letter of Experience cases only): $40.00. For all other cases the standard rate applies
  4. In certain cases a deposit will be required in advance, to be negotiated with client

B. Communications Client - Translator

  1. Preferably by email, for reasons of clarity and precision
  2. By telephone, if no email available

C. Sending Documents and Translations

  1. Preferably scans or Word documents as email attachments
  2. If required and necessary, by post mail

D. Job Description

  1. Full-text translation
  2. Thorough proofreading
  3. Translator's notes, if applicable
  4. Translator's declaration
  5. Printing of 1 (one) original set
  6. Certification (English to Spanish)

E. Document Review, Estimates and Deadlines

  1. Documents are to be sent for reviewing, and a translation-cost estimate will be provided by email
  2. Estimates are usually higher than final cost, which is obtained upon completing the translation and checking the automatic word count
  3. If any problems with documents are detected, these will be made known to client for their correction and/or clarification (see G. 3 and 4, below)
  4. State any time constraints, since in certain urgent cases this may require a higher fee due to additional efforts towards meeting them

F. Payment Methods

  1. INTERAC (Preferred)
  2. PayPal (Processing cost added to translation fees)
  3. Personal Cheque

G. Other Costs

  1. Additional original sets - $20.00 ea., certified
  2. Delivery expenses - Client chooses method and pays applicable costs, if any. After delivery the translator will report it by email, adding it to translation cost
  3. If extra work is required due to clarifications being numerous and/or complicated, a surcharge of $30.00 will be added to the estimate
  4. If clarifications are few and/or simple and can be resolved in a single email exchange, there is no surcharge